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About Us - Take A Piece (CD)

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CD Label: Frontiers Music


Indian outfit ABOUT US were able to arouse lots of attention with their 2022 self-titled debut. The sophomore album "Take A Piece" continues the chosen path easily. Just take bands like STEELHEART, WINGER or VAN HALEN and add a bit of contemporary flavour here and there. Pretty heavy and punchy at times but always melodic and grooving like hell, the ten tracks simply rock and "Endure" as well as "Fire With Fire" stick out a little bit. Frontman Sochan Kikon surely knows how to sing and use his voice. And "Evh" is a true melodic gem. Check out and be surprised! (MS)


1 Come To You
2 Endure
3 Legion
4 Fire With Fire
5 Evh
6 Reels For Eternity
7 Far Away
8 Hope
9 Beautiful Misery
10 Fortitude