Kiss Of The Gypsy - Kiss Of The Gypsy +6 (2-CD)

Reference: 00796

new & sealed jewel case CD
2-CD, remastered; 6 bonustracks
Label: Bad Reputation


KISS OF THE GYPSY with frontman Tony Mitchell unfortunately only put out one album. "Kiss Of The Gypsy" from 1991 does have its fans, though. Finest classic rock which was pretty rare in the nineties. The bonus material is made of single B-sides or alternative mixes from tracks like for instance "Infatuated". The English band, which includes a little bit of heavier rock here and there, can be compared to FREAK OF NATURE or LITTLE ANGELS at times. Great stuff! Just check out "Easy Does It" or "Keep Your Distance" but also the (half-)ballad "Promised Land" is pretty cool. (MS)


CD 1:

1. Whatever It Takes
2. Blind For Love
3. Easy Does It
4. Take This Old Heart
5. Infatuation
6. From The Dirt
7. Keep Your Distance
8. No Prize For The Loser
9. Comin' Back
10. Promised Land

CD 2:

1. Light Of Day
2. Always in My Heart
3. Straight Talk
4. Tough Enough
5. Infatuation (Extended Mix)
6. Easy Does It (Acoustic Version)