Neal Morse - The Restoration - Joseph: Part Two (CD)

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Label: Frontiers Music

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"The Restoration - Joseph Part 2" is the second album of the American within a year. This record contains a lot of SPOCK'S BEARD sounds. The sixteen tracks breathe seventies progressive rock up to neo-progressive sounds. The continuation of the story of Joseph from the old testament, which ends with him being arrested unjustified in the first part, concludes here in a very opulent way. The second part of this impressive concept work is more accessible and more song-driven than the first one. Once again, lots of illustrous guests perform on the album. Certainly no easy listening but a record demanding attention, although one that rewards the listener in the end. (MS)


1. Cosmic Mess 

2. My Dream 

3. Dreamer In The Jailhouse 

4. All Hail 

5. The Argument 

6. Make Like A Breeze 

7. Overture Reprise 

8. I Hate My Brothers 

9. Guilty As Charged 

10. Reckoning 

11. Bring Ben 

12. Freedom Road 

13. The Brothers Repent / Joseph Revealed 

14. The Restoration 

15. Everlasting 

16. Dawning Of A New Day (God Uses Everything For Good)