Split Image - Phoenix (CD)

Reference: 00843

new & sealed jewel case CD
Partially re-mastered 
Label: Eönian Records


Split Image are a band from Florida who fell victim to the emerging grunge wave in the early 1990s and were still able to stir up some dust in the local scene at the time. "Phoenix" contains six remixed and remastered songs from the 1992 demo "Strawberry Jam" such as "Roses" and "Dead President" and six new tracks. Musically, Split Image and singer Jason Morey give the impression of being somewhere between Dokken and Dio in the early 90s. Very cool disc! (BS)


1. Sanctuary
2. Yesterday's Child
3. Flames Are Burning
4. Shameless
5. War Machine
6. Mr. Scary
7. Dead Presidents
8. Roses
9. Velvet Touch
10. Strawberry Jam
11. Could Have Had
12. Bloodstream