Rigorious - Night Of Retribution (CD)

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new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Metalapolis Records

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Founded only in 2021, melodic power metal outfit RIGORIUS from Monheim/Germany with their debut. Suitable for lovers of ORDEN OGAN, SERIOUS BLACK or BRAINSTORM and the like. Frontman Lucas Remus is equipped with a highly distinguishable and powerful voice. Numerous anthems with mighty background vocals at times and folk elements as the icing of the cake are offered here. Produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Boltendahl (GRAVE  DIGGER). Tracks like "Fight For Your Lives", "Brothers Arise" or "Victory" point in the direction of the album. Raise your swords! Attack! (MS)


1. Victory

2. Lay With Me

3. Iron Wings

4. Fight For Your Lives

5. Brothers Arise

6. Children Of The Night

7. Ride Till We Die

8. Behind The Curtains

9. Lost

10. Power Of My Sword