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Ian Wilde - Dream Hunter (CD)

Reference: 00852

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Lions Pride Music


Spain and AOR, that's a remarkably fine match recently. IAN WILDE, former frontman of WILD FREEDOM, puts out a fine and pure AOR record. Ten at least good compositions with a certain ear candy guarantee and a fitting production arouse attention, even though programmed drums and a little bit of an accent in the vocals weaken the impression a little bit here. The futuristic artwork is a nice piece of art and also there are no fillers whatsoever. A suitable first glimpse into the album is the irresistable "Close Your Eyes". The name IAN WILDE is one to be remembered. (MS)


1. Are You Ready Now
2. Secretly In Love
3. My Heart Is Yours
4. Roaring Angels
5. Dance
6. At First Sight
7. Prove Me Wrong
8. Close Your Eyes
9. Tender Love
10. Born To Shine