Air Raid - Across The Line (CD)

Reference: 00829

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: High Roller Records


"Across The Line", originally released in 2017 and long gone from the shelves, is re-released now, even though (unfortunately) without any bonus cuts. The Swedish outfit and their melodic metal with elements of old school metal, neo classic guitar sounds, NWOBHM as well as melodic power metal fully convince on this sophomore album. Frontman Fredrik Werner, who is fronting AOR and melodic outfit OSUKARU, too, is one of the best in the genre. AIR RAID rock like hell but also offer a fine sense for melody. Honest music played by a hungry band. (MS)


1. Hold The Flame
2. Line Of Danger
3. Aiming For The Sky
4. Cold As Ice
5. Entering The Zone Zero
6. Hell And Back
7. Northern Light
8. Raid Or Die
9. Black Dawn