Rhett Forrester - Sessions (CD) Slipcase

Reference: 00779

new & sealed slipccase CD
Label: High Roller


"Sessions" brings together several projects and recordings the former RIOT frontman RHETT FORRESTER, who passed away way too early, was involved in. It's songs from the eighties and early nineties, songs that can definitely be considered as hard rock or US metal and it's songs that although the sound quality is not always good and rather demo-like showcase great talent. An amazing voice and it's not only suitable for RIOT enthusiasts. Let alone the rather slow "Hell Or High Water" shine, as well as harder tracks like "Eyes Of Fire" or "Shake The Shadow". The American offfers a rich, authentic and versatile voice. (MS)


(Dirty Water Sessions)

1. Hell or Highwater

2. Hard Drivin' Woman

3. Child of Time

(Dogbone Sessions)

4. If You Think You're Nasty

5. Double Trouble

6. Dog Fight Alley

7. Too Far too Fast

8. Touch the Sun

9. If My Heart Could Sing

10. Gimme Some Lovin'

11. Do You Swallow

(Thrasher Project)

12. Bad Boys

(Clear Lake Sessions)

13. Hold on

14. In and Out

15. Love Song

16. Redbone Rock

17. Too Late