Bad Boy - Private Party +1 (CD)

Reference: 00839

new & sealed jewel case CD
remastered, 1 Bonustrack
release date & first day of shipping: April 19th, 2024

This item can be ordered from April 15th, 2024!
Label: Pride & Joy Music Classixx


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BAD BOY are something like an open secret within the melodic scene. The Americans, who had their first appearance back in 1977, and their good times spreading hard rock, that at times is pretty radio friendly rock, though, is partly reminiscent of for instance FOREIGNER or STINGRAY. The third album "Private Party" from 1981 has been a sought after collector's item for years and is finally made available again. It's remastered and comes with a cool bonus cut by the name of "You And Me Against The World". Limited to 300 units only! Grab it! (MS)


1. Intro / Run From Yourself
2. Don't Pretend
3. Can't You See
4. Have I The Right
5. How Long
6. Let Me Love You
7. Come With Me
8. Come A Bit Closer
9. Here I Am
10. Private Party
11. Closin
12. You And Me Against The World

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