Say It - One And Again (2-CD)

Reference: 00697

new & sealed jewel case 2-CD
Label: Pride & Joy Music Classixx


The double album "One And Again" by the Swedish artist SAY IT (originally: Sayit) contains the two albums "Sayit" (1999) and "Again" (2001) in a limited edition of 500 copies, both of which are now considered sought-after classics of the genre. Especially "Again", which was originally released by AOR Heaven, recently achieved top prices in collector circles. The band is named after guitarist Sayit Dölen (Voices Of Rock, Legends Of Rock), who has toured with artists such as Jimi Jamison and Bobby Kimball. Tommy Denander put the these 2 albums together, wrote and produced all tracks. Tommy Denander, who is now also responsible for the new artwork and remastering.


CD 1:

1. Second Start

2. House Of Glass

3. Standing On The Outside

4. One Unguarded Moment

5. Could You Ever Love Me Again

6. Garden Of Eden

7. You're My Inspiration

8. She's The One

9. Hear Me Heaven

10. You

11. Once You Love Somebody

12. Talk To Me

CD 2:

1. Dawn

2. Love You Tonight

3. Frozen

4. I Can't Go On

5. Halfway To Heaven

6. Don't Cry

7. When I Think About You

8. Moon Comes Calling

9. Heaven Holds You Near

10. Never Gonna Let You Go

11. I Believe