Rainmaker - Rainmaker (CD)

Reference: 00644

new & sealed jewel case CD
remastered, new artwork, limited to 500 units
Label: Pride & Joy Music Classixx


"RAINMAKER" came out in 2000 for the first time and is long gone from the shelves. The melodic rock project RAINMAKER is the brainchild of Tommy Denander (g, e.g. RADIOACTIVE, DEACON STREET PROJECT) and Geir Rönning (v, SAYIT) ,who together with Tony Franklin (b, THE FIRM, BLUE MURDER) and Walter Diego (d), incorporate some hard rock sounds and even (minor) progressive influences here and there. Limited to 500 units, remastered, fresh artwork and exclusively available at the Pride & Joy Shop. Cool record! Let alone "Father Of Your Sins" or "Bad Call" shine! (MS)


1. Rainmaker

2. Father Of Your Sins

3. Nanc Hold On

4. Kay

5. Seriously

6. Sound Of My Heart

7. Going Insane

8. Blood Brother Run

9. Passion Again

10. Bad Call

11. King Of Fools