Temple Balls - Avalanche (CD)

Reference: 00700

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Frontiers Music


TEMPLE BALLS from Finland and their highly energy-driven and authentic hard rock with album number four. "Avalanche" and its eleven tracks definitely make an impression. The band plays live a lot and is reminiscent of H.E.A.T., CRAZY LIXX or WIG WAM and the like, which surely are not bad references. An anthem like "Trap" or the rousing "Stand Up And Fight" for instance provide a great glimpse on what to expect here. "Avalanche" definitely is the best album of the northeners so far. Produced by Jona Tee (H.E.A.T., CROWNE, NEW HORIZON). A hot ride! (MS)


1. All Night Long

2. Trap

3. Lonely Stranger

4. Stand Up And Fight

5. Prisoner In Time

6. Strike Like A Cobra

7. No Reason

8. Northern Lion

9. Dead Weight

10. Stone Cold Bones

11. Avalanche