Grand Illusion - Prince Of Paupers +1 (CD)

Reference: 00727

new & sealed jewel case CD
Re-Release, remastered, 1 bonus track,  limited to 500 units
Label: Pride & Joy Music Classixx


GRAND ILLUSION around Anders Rydholm (g) and Peter Sundell (v) have been one of the best Swedish AOR and melodic rock outfits untill they called it a day some years ago. The sixth and final studio slbum "Prince Of Paupers" from 2011 is highly valued within the melodic community. Now it is being reissued in the new Pride & Joy Music Classixx series including one bonus cut ("Not For Sale"). Very mature and sophisticated songwriting meets exciting and versatile arrangements as well as the impressive range of Sundell's voice which highlights the strong hooklines. "Better Believe It" or "Winds Of Change" provide a fine first glimpse. (MS)


1. Gates Of Fire 

2. Better Believe It 

3. Prince Of Paupers 

4. So Faraway 

5. St. Teresa’s Love 

6. Through This War 

7. Eyes Of Ice 

8. Gone 

9. Believe In Miracles 

10. On And On 

11. Under The Wire 

12. Winds Of Change

13. Not For Sale (Bonustrack)