Minus One - Red Black White (CD)

Reference: 00594

new & sealed jewel case CD

Label: Lion's Pride


"Red Black White" has been published in 2018 already and is currently re-released by a different label. The rather modern or contemporary rock and pop mixture with decent melodies and nice arrangements delivers different shades and might appeal to lots of people with versatile taste in music. MINUS ONE are from Cyprus and representend their country already in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in 2016. Vocalist Andreas Kapatais offers a good range. Comes with a LESLEY GORE-cover song ("You Don't Owe Me"). Nice record but certainly with some room left for some magic, though.


01. The Greatest

02. How Does It Feel

03. Red Black White

04. Girl

05. Psycho 5

06. Nothing For Nothing

07. Run Away

08. The Other Side

09. Take Me Away

10. Some Times

11. You Don’t Own Me