Eclipse - Megalomanium (CD) Digipak

Reference: 00600

new & sealed digipak CD

Label: Frontiers Music


"Megalomanium" is album number ten (!) of the Swedish band. Of, course all essentiell qualities of the four-piece are there. The amazing melodies, the powerful arrangements and the energetic production which sounds like ECLIPSE is playing live - right next to you. Frontman Erik Martensson and his companions rock like hell and they manage to improve their very own style constantly. Some of the songs ("Got It" or "I Don't Get It") sound a little bit like punk whereas mighty midtempo-anthems like "Broken" or "High Road" are simply stunning. "When Two Hearts Colllide" is an absolute smash hit, though. (MS)


1. The Hardest Part Is Losing You 

2. Got It! 

3. Anthem 

4. Children Of The Night 

5. Hearts Collide 

6. I Don't Get It 

7. The Broken 

8. So Long, Farewell, Goodbye 

9. High Road 

10. One Step Closer To You 

11. Forgiven