Little Caesar - Little Caesar +4 (CD)

Reference: 00774

new & sealed jewel case CD
remastered; 4 Bonustracks
Label: Bad Reputation


LITTLE CAESAR and their self-titled debut from 1992. Comes remastered and is equipped with four bonus cuts. The Americans score high with their easy-going hard rock which showcases all facettes of the genre. Dry rockers like "Wrong Side Of The Tracks", midtempo tracks like "Hard Times" and ballads ("In Your Arms") are true highlights of the whole genre. An absolute high class production by Rob Rock (e.g. METALLICA) suits the songs with its partly bluesy moments perfectly. Imagine this record would have been released a few years earlier...well, never mind and let's be happy about this top reissue of an undisputable classic! (MS)


1. Down-N-Dirty
2. Hard Times
3. Chain Of Fools
4. In Your Arms
5. From The Start
6. Rock-N-Roll State Of Mind
7. Drive It Home
8. Midtown
9. Cajun Panther
10. Wrong Side Of The Tracks
11. Wish It Would Rain
12. Little Queenie
13. Name Your Poison (Bonus)
14. Tastes Good To Me (Bonus)
15. God’s Creation (Bonus)
16. Tears Don’t Lie (Bonus)