Giant - Time To Burn (CD)

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Label: Music On CD

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GIANT is one of the most iconic bands of the melodic genre. The debut "Last Of The Runaways“ (1989) as well as the sophomore effort "Time To Burn“ (1992) probably showcases one of the best examples of songwriting, excellent playing and a perfect production in the genre ever. "Time To Burn" sees a propper re-release on Music On CD. Unfortunately, there are no bonus cuts whatsoever but the sheer quality of the tracks like “Thunder & Lightning“, “Lay It On The Line“ or “Stay“ are more or less unrivaled. There has to be a copy of “Time To Burn“ in every melodic collection. Anthems, pure talent and huge soundscapes allover. References are HARDLINE, JOURNEY oder NIGHT RANGER. (MS)


1. Thunder And Lightning
2. Chained
3. Lay It On The Line
4. Stay
5. Lost In Paradise
6. Smoulder (Instrumental) 
7. Time To Burn
8. I'll Be There (When It's Over)
9. Save Me Tonight
10. Without You
11. Now Until Forever
12. Get Used To It