Heimdall - Hephaestus (CD)

Reference: 00511

new & sealed jewel case CD

release date & first day of shipping: August 25th, 2023

Label: Pride & Joy Music


HEIMDALL from Italy play melodic power metal and this is their sixth effort since 1998, although several line-up changes took place. After a longer break, the last album "Aeneid" came out in 2013, they are finally back. Just take LABYRINTH, SKYLARK, DOMINE or even STRATOVARIUS as reference bands. Massive arrangements, anthem-like choruses all over the place as well as lots of fantasy-ladden lyrics and a powerful production are just some of the arguments to look closer and listen to this band. "Masquerade" gives a very good first impression of HEIMDALL. Vocalist Gandolf Ferro is a really good one. (MS)


1. Hephaestus, 2. Masquerade, 3. King, 4. The Runes, 5. Till The End Of Time, 6. Power, 7. We Are One, 8. Spellcaster, 9. The Show Must Go On