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Moonpark - Good Spirit (CD)

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Label: self-released


The Czech Republic is not exactly blessed with many AOR/melodic rock bands. Alongside their colleagues from Black Tiger, Moonpark are now setting out to conquer the international scene with their debut "Good Spirit". They offer keyboard-heavy melodic rock, as it was performed in the late 80s and early 90s by bands such as Frontline, Railway or Shylock. Among the many musical highlights of the top-produced album are "Dancing In A Lie", "Paradise" and "Summer Night". If you don't mind singer Michal Koláček's slight accent and like the bands mentioned above, you'll probably also be happy with Moonpark! (BS)


1. Dancing In A Lie
2. Blinding Fire
3. Light In The Morning
4. Kiss Me
5. Paradise
6. Good Spirit
7. Rock 'n' Roll Train
8. No Way Back
9. Together
10. Summer Night
11. When We Were Young
12. Dawn