Icon Of Sin - Legends (CD)

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Label: Frontiers Music

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Brazilian band ICON OF SIN around frontman Raphael Mendes, who resembles Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN) very, very much, with their sophomore album. Obviously, therefore you have to sound like the British metal icons and so as no surprise, the material sounds very much like them but that's ok, meaning there is not much of an own identity here. They resemble the classic period of the eighties and early nineties, though. Mendes teamed up with Marcelo Gelbcke (g, LANDFALL) and they created ten songs which do not have to hide behind (at least) the more recent material of IRON MAIDEN. You want proof? Check out "Cimmerian"...(MS)


1. Cimmerian

2. Night Force

3. The Scarlet Gospels

4. In The Mouth Of Madness

5. Heart Of The Wolf

6. Bare Knuckle

7. Wheels Of Vengeance

8. Clouds Over Gotham Pt.2 – The Arkham Knight

9.Terror Games

10. Black Sails And Dark Waters