Freakstorm - Angel In The Dark (CD)

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new & sealed jewel case CD
release date & first day of shipping: November 24th, 2023
Label: Pride & Joy Music 


FREAKSTORM with their second album. Sinah Meier (v) and Olli Fuchs (d) and their pretty melodic hard rock with slices of AOR are simply fun. Two songs ("Angel In The Dark" and "Stop The Fire") can be found in different versions. Produced by Dennis Ward (ex-PINK CREAM 69, MAGNUM) and guitars partly by Oliver Hartmann (AVANTASIA). No matter if hard rocking and rough ("Fight To The End") or rather slow and dreamy ("Angel In The Dark"), FREAKSTORM definitely know the whole range of the genre. The two cover versions Big City Lights" (SCORPIONS) and "Paparazzi" (LADY GAGA) are well done, too. Thumbs up! (MS)


1. Fight To The End

2. Stop The Fire

3. Creature Of The Night

4. Angel In The Dark

5. Black Soul

6. Big City Nights

7. Paparazzi

8. You Destroy Me

9. Stop The Fire (feat. SchwarzLicht)

10. Angel In The Dark (Piano Version)

In the year, 2016 FREAKSTORM was founded as a tribute project. The first song which the band recorded was a cover of the US group Halestorm. The goal to hand this track over to their idols personally (which indeed happened), gave Sinah and Olli the motivation to record their own songs. After the self-released EP "We Got The Fire" (2018) and the EP “From Zero” (2019), a new era for FREAKSTORM began when they started to work with producer Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69/Helloween). He supported the band to develop a rich rock sound – a strong fundament for Sinah’s powerful and clear voice. In May 2019 the successful single "Can’t Keep Me Down" was released digitally. The EP "From Zero" also was released as physical CD and draw great attention in the scene. In the year 2021 the musicians fulfilled their dream to release their first full-length album "Storm Inside My Heart". Ahead of the album release on the 27th of August 2021, FREAKSTORM put out two singles in advance, i.e. the propulsive title track "Storm Inside My Heart" and the electrifying AC/DC-cover "Shot Down In Flames". In the Christmas season the band presented an emotional acoustic version of their rock song "Out Of The Door”.  In the year 2022 FREAKSTORM celebrated several releases. In May an EP with the powerful, melodic  "When Dawn Is Breaking" as title track got released digitally and also as CD. In September the band delivered the single "Can’t Keep Me Down 2022". For the remake of FREAKSTORM’s most successful single so far David Readman from Pink Cream 69 performed a duet with Sinah Meier.

FREAKSTORM started the year 2023 in March with the single "Creature Of The Night" – for the first time on vinyl and digital as well. The B-Side of the single is a cover version of the Scorpions classic "Big City Nights". Until early summer this song was exclusively available on the limited edition vinyl (100 copies only). Producer once again was Dennis Ward and guitars were delivered by Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia). During intensive studio sessions 2023 FREAKSTORM moved in August to the Label Pride & Joy Music which will release the band’s second album "Angel In The Dark" at November 24th

FREAKSTORM is: Sinah Meier – Vocals, Olli Fuchs – Drums

Guests: Dennis Ward – Bass; Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia/ Hartmann) – Guitars, Timothy Shaw (SchwarzLicht) – Vocals on “Stop The Fire”, Toby Wendeler (SchwarzLicht) – Guitars on “Stop The Fire” & “Paparazzi”, Rick Benton (Magnum) – Keyboards on “Angel In The Dark)