H.E.A.T. - Extra Force (digipak CD)

Reference: 00599

new & sealed digipak CD

Label: earMusic


H.E.A.T. deliver "Extra Force", just one year after their current studio effort "Force Majeure" came out and the Swedes bring some astonishing new, additional and great bstuff. Old classics in new live versions (e.g. "Living On The Run" or "Nationwide") next to two completely new compositions ("Will You Be" and "Freedom") or a couple of live versions with the new "old singer" and founding member Kenny Leckremo on vocals ("Rise" and "One By One"). To sum it up briefly: Ten arguments for buying you find on "Extra Force", ten great tracks! Grab it! (MS)


1. Freedom

2. Will You Be

3. Rise (with Kenny)

4. One By One (with Kenny)

5. Rock Your Body

6. One By One

7. Dangerous Ground

8. Back To The Rhythm

9. Nationwide

10. Living On The Run