Zhiva – Into The Eye Of The Storm (CD)

Reference: 00589

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release date & first day of shipping: October 20th, 2023

Label: Pride & Joy Music


Zhiva is finally back with a full-length album on October 20th 2023! “Into The Eye Of The Storm” marks the fourth full length album (After Shiva in 2002, Desert Dreams in 2004 and The Curse of the Gift in 2006). The sublime songwriting of Guitarist Mats Edström together with the powerful voice and lyrics of Anette Johansson has, together with the rest of the

band, produced an album at the junction of Melodic Symphonic Metal and Hard Rock. The energy of the earlier albums carefully was combined with a fresh take on lyrical content and the result is an album that consists of 10 songs with heavy riffs together with dramatic melodies. For friends of Nighwish & Co.!


1. Breaking The Chains

2. Step Into The Fire

3. Evelyn

4. Into The Eye Of The Storm

5. Autumn Sky

6. Broken

7. Beyond Forever

8. Nothing Will Ever Remain

9. Last Tears

10. Undeniable