Neon Rider - Destination Unknown (CD)

Reference: 00792

new & sealed jewel case CD
release date & first day of shipping: March 22nd, 2024
Label: Pride & Joy Music


NEON RIDER and their fine AOR seem to be a new star in the melodic and AOR universe. The Argentinian band around frontman Bruno Sangari, who despite a small accent offers a remarkable voice, have a really good sense for hooklines and exciting arrangements. NEON RIDER are able to rock heavily, proven by "Unleash Your Fire". There are midtempo tunes ("Compass Rose") and ballads ("One And Only"), too. Songwriting, sound and the futuristic artwork as well are way above average and celebrate the glory of the eighties, the golden era for this wonderful kind of music. (MS)


1 .Destination Unknown

2. Neon Rider

3. Feel The Magic

4. Unleash The Fire

5. I Lay My Life In Rock N Roll

6. Compass Rose

7. Surreal

8. My Time To Say Goodbye

9. Standing By The Edge,

10. One And Only

11. One Night In The Big City

12. Riders Of The Night