Gotus - Gotus (CD)

Reference: 00763

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Frontiers Music


GOTUS is a new, mostly Swiss "Supergroup" with Ronnie Romero (RAINBOW, LORDS OF THE BLACK) singing. Founded by Mandy Meyer (ex-GOTTHARD, ex-KROKUS) and Pat Aeby (d, ex-KROKUS), to no surprise, this five-piece plays classic hard in the vein of those great and iconic Swiss bands. Romero's mighty voice fits perfectly which he already proved during his stint with CORELEONI. Lovers of fine hard rock have to grab this cool record. The midtempo track "Love Will Find Its Way" or the very melodic groover "Weekend Warriors" for instance will simply make you smile. Strong! (MS)


1. Take Me To The Mountain 

2. Beware Of The Fire 

3. Love Will Find Its Way 

4. Undercover 

5. Weekend Warriors 

6. Children Of The Night 

7. When The Rain Comes 

8. Without Your Love 

9. What Comes Around Goes Around 10. Reason To Live 

11. On The Dawn Of Tomorrow