Throne Of Thorns - Converging Parallel Worlds (CD)

Reference: 00778

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Rock Of Angels Records


THRONE OF THORNS from Belgium play powerful and melodic power metal with lots of anthems. Fans who dig BLIND GUARDIAN, KAMELOT, HELLOWEEN or ORDEN OGAN should pay attention! Guitarist and mastermind Thomas Jethro Verleye and the guys deliver a record full of sumptuous songs, dramatic sounds, epic stories and everything is refined with a certain touch of progressive metal which makes the material exciting all the time. Nevertheless, the compositions are easily accessible. Just check out "Atomic Retribution" or "Underworld". THRONE OF THORNS seem to be a new sparkling star in the genre. (MS)


1. Rise

2. Storm Maker

3. Atomic Retribution

4. Black Diamond

5. Converging Parallel Worlds

6. Underworld

7. Throne of Thorns

8. Fire and Ice