The Crows - Ready When You Are (CD)

Reference: 00795

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Lions Pride Music


THE CROWS around frontman Michael Santarsiero (TOTALLY LOST CAUSE) play timeless, unbound and ballsy hard rock "All Fall Down" and "I Should've Known" but offering lots of eighties DNA ("Forever"), too. There is some nice rock as well like "Evil At The Gate" or "Red Rover" showcase. "When You Are" is pretty versatile and actually lacking any kind of fuzz. "When You Are" comes with an authentic production, though, and is worth checking out! The ten tracks offer a certain signature sound although the influences from LED ZEPPELIN over THUNDER up to QUIET RIOT are obvious. Give it a try! (MS)


1. All Fall Down

2. I Should've Known

3. Scorcher 

4. Forever 

5. Evil At The Gate 

6. Boom Bang Twang 

7. One Last Look 

8. Pretty Little Liar 

9. Red Rover 

10. Falling In Love Again.