Lynch Mob - Babylon (CD)

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Label: Frontiers Music

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Guitar legend George Lynch has often attracted attention in recent years with quite bizarre releases - the new LYNCH MOB album "Babylon", however, again serves more the traditional 80s target audience and offers more melodic sounds. Besides Lynch on guitar, Puerto Rican Gabriel Colón, whose vocals still leave room for improvement, acts as frontman. To a Sleaze Rock band he would probably fit from the voice pitch still a little better. Thus, he does not quite reach the, admittedly oversized, footsteps of his 'predecessors', unfortunately. Nevertheless, one of the good-class albums by Lynch, who can still play giftedly, lately! (BS)


1. Erase

2. Time After Time

3. Caught Up

4. I'm Ready

5. How You Fall

6. Million Miles Away

7. Let It Go

8. Fire Master

9. The Synner

10. Babylon