Elvenking - Reader Of The Runes: Rapture (Digipak-CD)

Reference: 00416

new & sealed digipak CD

Label: AFM Records


Eleventh studio album by Italian folk/power metal institution ELVENKING - "Reader Of The Runes: Rapture" is the second part of an extensive story concept that will span three albums

Already twenty years ELVENKING set the tone when it comes to Folk Power Metal. From April 28th 2023 and with their eleventh album "Reader Of The Runes: Rapture" the Italian band will continue their popular "Reader Of The Runes" series and defend the justified cult status. Another foundation for mystical, enchanted and brute power metal.


1.    Rapture

2.    The Hanging Tree

3.    Bride Of Night

4.    Herdchant

5.    The Cursed Cavalier

6.    To The North

7.    Covenant

8.    Red Mist

9.    Incantations

10.    An Autumn Reverie

11.    The Repentant