Robin Trower - Take What You Need (CD)

Reference: 00828

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Music On CD


"Take What You Want", the 1988 record of the English guitar player ROBIN TROWER, who was a member of the highly successful PROCOL HARUM, sees the protagonist in great shape. Tracks like "Tear It Up", "Love Attack" or "Shattered" are timeless gems. Probably one of the best solo efforts of the busy rock and blues musician, who showcases an outstanding voice by the name of Davey Pattison, too. Lots of eighties (rock) sounds on it for sure. If you are into FOREIGNER or BAD COMPANY, here you go. Can be considered as a heavier version of CHRIS REA at times, though. (MS)


1. Tear It Up
2. Take What You Need (From Me)
3. Love Attack
4. I Want You Home
5. Shattered
6. Over You
7. Careless
8. Second Time
9. Love Won T Wait Forever