Rhett Forrester - The Canadian Years (CD) Slipcase

Reference: 00780

new & sealed slipccase CD
Label: High Roller


RHETT FORRESTER (v, ex-RIOT) participated in several projects like DR.DIRTY und BLACK SYMPHONY in the early nineties prior to his tragic death in 1994. The American worked with Rob Robins (g) from Canada as well as Rick Plester (g, BLACK SYMPHONY). It's traditional hard rock and heavy metal at times, too. There are lots of songs which really deserve to be taken out of the shelves and finally see the light of day. Just like "Sessions", which is released at the same time, also "The Canadian Years" showcases interesting song material with a remarkable voice. (MS)


1 .Coming Home

2. Redbone Rock

3. Love Song

4. Rescue Me

5. Too Little Too Late

6. Smokin' Gun

7. Hold On

8. In And Out

9. In The Beginning

10. Redemption

11. End Of Time