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Stone Fury - Let Them Talk (CD)

Reference: 00863

new & sealed jewel case CD
remastered, 8 Bonustracks
Label: Music On CD


STONE FURY and their second (and unfortunately last album) "Let Them Talk" (1986) does have a lot of magic moments (e.g. "Lies On The Run"). Lenny Wolf (v, KINGDOM COME) and Bruce Gowdy (g, UNRULY CHILD, WORLD TRADE) were about to embark on even more successful shores shortly after. Comes in remastered form and with eight (!) bonus cuts. A fine AOR record which should have gained even more recognition, though. A short-lived outfit with typical American melodic rock and the living proof that bands from the 80's, other than today, did have some potential to become a classic. (MS)


1. Too Late
2. Lies On The Run
3. Let Them Talk
4. Babe
5. Eve Of The Storm
6. Doin What I Feel
7. Let The Time Take Care
8. I Should Have Told You
9. Stay
10. I Hate To Sleep Alone
11. I've Got A Heartache
12. Let's Be Friends
13. Big Brother
14. Pidgeon
15. You're Mine
16. Harder Than Life
17. German National Anthem