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FM - Old Habits Die Hard (CD)

Reference: 00866

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Frontiers Music


"Old Habits Die Hard", studio album number fourteen of the British band, absolutely rocks! FM are an exceptional band not only because of the fantastic voice of Steve Overland. The more recent albums have been a bit heavier but this piece is very versatile with again ("Black Water") but also harder tunes like e.g. "Lost" and typical cracking melodic FM gems ("Whatever It Takes" or "No Easy Way Out"), of course. Did they ever put out an album not really good at least? There you go! In addition to that, this one is one of their best efforts and definetely most colorful in terms of style, though. (MS)


1. Out Of The Blue
2. Don’t Need Another Heartache
3. No Easy Way Out
4. Lost
5. Whatever It Takes
6. Black Water
7. Cut Me Loose
8. Leap Of Faith
9. California
10. Another Day In My World
11. Blue Sky Mind