Mick Mars - Other Side Of Mars (CD) Digipak

Reference: 00793

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Label: 1313 LLC


It's hard to believe that "Other Side Of Mars" is actually the first solo album by MÖTLEY CRÜE cult guitarist MICK MARS. The album offers high-class, modern interpretations of hard rock with its finger on the pulse of the times that you wouldn't expect from a 72-year-old musician. From modern, very edgy hard rock ("Loyal To The Lie") to groovers like "Ain't Going Back" and the catchy "Right Sight Of Wrong", a broad spectrum is covered that is only slightly reminiscent of CRÜE, but at times more like a more melodic version of BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION. An unexpectedly great album for fans of more modern sounds with outstanding vocals by Jacob Bunton, produced by Michael Wagener! (BS) 


1. Loyal To the Lie

2. Broken On the Insude

3. Alone

4. Killing Breed

5. Memories

6. Right Side of Wrong

7. Ready To Roll

8. Undone

9. Ain't Going Back

10. L.A. Noir