Philip Sayce - Wolves Are Coming (CD) Digipak

Reference: 00794

new & sealed digipak CD
Label: Forty Below Records


Friends of guitar-orientated rock have had the British-born, Canadian-based guitarist PHILIP SAYCE on their radar for years. His music sounds as if JIMI HENDRIX, STEVIE SALAS and RICHIE KOTZEN got together for a jam session. The new album "Wolves Are Coming" fits seamlessly into the Canadian's now long series of albums that are well worth listening to. Intense, captivating, colourful, diverse and full of energy are just some of the many attributes that SAYCE has once again earned on "Wolves Are Coming". Recommended tracks are the singles "Backstabber" and "Oh! That Bitches Brew". (BS)


1. Oh! That Bitches Brew

2. Lady Love Divine

3. Babylon is Burning

4. Your Love

5. It's Over Now

6. Black Moon

7. Blackbirds Fly Alone

8. The Moon is Full

9. Backstabber

10. Intuition

11. This is Hip