LastWorld - Beautiful Illusion (CD)

Reference: 00768

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Perris Records


LASTWORLD are pretty active with their fifth album in less than five years. Tracks like "Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong" or "I Will Find My Way" make you interested in the rest. Multi-instrumentalist Jim Shepard plays all the instruments while David Cagle sings, showcasing versatile vocals. It's obvious that there is no real band but "Beautiful Illusion" is definitely not a bad record. It's melodic rock with fine hooklines for the most part and partly sophisticated songwriting. A cool artwork completes the picture here. Another fine track is the riff-driven "The Fantasy's Over". (MS)


1. Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong

2. Younger Days

3. I Can’t Explain

4. I Will Find My Way

5. Better Of Me

6. The Fantasy’s Over

7. Destiny

8. Been There Before

9. You Never Listen To Me

10. A Step Beyond Death

11. Beautiful Illusion