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Star.Gate - Escaping The Illusion +5 (CD)

Reference: 00810

new & sealed jewel case CD
5 bonus tracks
Label: Steel Gallery


STAR.GATE is a very catchy, Greek melodic metal band from Thessaloniki, whose line-up includes Manos Fatsis (HIDEAWAY, CITY OF LIGHTS, among others), a very strong singer. "Escaping The Illusion" is the band's sixth album. Over long stretches, the top-produced work with its numerous neoclassical facets is reminiscent of the musical splendours of YNGWIE MALSTEEN a la "Odyssey" and "The Seventh Sign". For fans of Fatsi's vocals and the late 80s and early 90s works of MALMSTEEN as well as IMPELLITTERI from the same era, this is a hot ticket! 5 bonus tracks - incl. some acoustic material. (BS) 


1. Hiding All The Tears
2. The Deepest Sea
3. Lonely Queen
4. Life Is An Illusion
5. Wounded Soul
6. I Am Here
7. The Enemy Inside
8. Outcast

9. Christmas Night (Acoustic Version)
10. Life Is An Illusion (Acoustic Version)
11. Formless Flame (Bass Solo)
12. The Field Of Oneness (Bass Solo)
13. Crystal Blades (Bass Solo)