Ron Coolen - Here To Stay (feat. Keith St. John) (CD) Digipak

Reference: 00720

new & sealed digi-pack CD
3 bonus tracks
Label: self-released


RON COOLEN is a Dutch guitar player having an album with American singer Keith St. John (MONTROSE, BURNING RAIN) ready. The songs are hard rock, partly slightly modern or even experimental but at the end of the day, it's a guitar album but one with an exeptional singer. Many additional guests like Timo Somers (g, ex DELAIN), Christopher Amott (g, ex ARCH ENEMY)  or Gus G. (g, FIREWIND) can be found, too. A little bit off th road for sure but including some really good songs ("Jaded Eyes" or "Firebird"). There's lots of rock but some ballads can be discovered, too. (MS)


1. Heavy Metal Till I'm Dead (feat. Joey Concepcion)

2. You're Just A Bad Dream (feat. Christopher Amott)

3. Jaded Eyes (feat. Timo Somers)

4. Saints And Sinners (feat. Gus G.)

5. Firebird (feat. Gus G.)

6. Mr. Jones (feat. Timo Somers)

7. Shake Me To The Floor (feat. Joey Concepcion)

8. Bust Me Out (feat. Timo Somers)

9. 90 Shades Of Hell (feat. Per Nilsson)

10. Here To Stay

11 .Sin City 23 (feat. George Lynch) (bonus Track)

12. Heavy Metal Till I'm Dead Xl (feat. Joey Concepcion) (bonustrack)

13. Reprise (feat. Satchel & Timo Somers) (bonus Track)