Magnum - Here Comes The Rain (CD)

Reference: 00752

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Steamhammer


There are bands that seem to never age or even put out an album which does not meet the usual quality level. MAGNUM is definitely one of those. "Here Comes The Rain" offers a lot of the MAGNUM magic which means atmosphere, very strong hooklines and lots of pomp. At the end of the day, it's not as heavy as most of the more recent records but also in 2024 Tony Clarkin (g) knows where to showcase his riffs and where Bob Catley's majestic voice should take the lead. The production is powerful and ladden with details as usual. No fillers whatsoever can be found. Just check out "The Seventh Darkness" and "I Wanna Live". Wonderful music! (MS)


1. Run Into The Shadows 

2. Here Comes The Rain 

3. Some Kind Of Treachery 

4. After The Silence 

5. Blue Tango 

6. The Day He Lied 

7. The Seventh Darkness 

8. Broken City 

9. I Wanna Live 

10. Borderline