Foghat - Sonic Mojo (CD) Digipak

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Label: Foghat Records

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FOGHAT and their new album "Sonic Mojo", the 17th (!) in total, is finest and timeless blues rock in the vein of DOC HOLLIDAY or (early) ZZ TOP. The English band around new vocalist Scott Holt who replaced Charlie Huhn in early 2022, sounds like it never did anything else. A warm and powerful production suits the mostly slow and bluesy tunes. The guitars (Bryan Bassett and Scott Holt) tell stories. Songs to check out first are "Drivin’ On", "I Don't Appreciate You" and "Black Days and Blue Nights". The album is half original songs and half cover versions like ELVIS PRESLEY's "Mean Woman Blues" or HOWLIN' WOLFs "How Many More Years". It's not hard rock but a record with lots of emotion. (MS)


1. She’s a Little Bit of Everything

2. I Don’t Appreciate You

3. Mean Woman Blues

4. Drivin’ On

5. Let Me Love You Baby

6. How Many More Years

7. Song for the Life

8. Wish I’d Been There

9. Time Slips Away

10. Black Days and Blue Nights

11. She’s Dynamite

12. Promised Land