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The Unknown - Big Dreams (CD)

Reference: 00714

new & sealed jewel case CD
Re-Release, Remastered
Label: FNA Records


"Big Dreams", the only release of THE UNKNOWN before they got a major deal in 1992 and changed their name to BLACKFISH, came out in 1989 and to this day it is a sought after AOR gem. The Americans sound like WHITE LION, BON JOVI or GREAT WHITE to a certain degree, although being even a bit more poppy. This rerelease makes senss for sure and is remastered but (unfortunately) lacks any bonus material, though. "Can't Give Up" and "Say It To Me" give you a reliable taste of this record. A true contender for one of the best eras for melodic rock music. (MS)


1. Can’t Give Up

2. Hey Julie

3. Never Comin’ Back

4. Just Like Him

5. Say It To Me

6. Hold Back

7. Sugar Shack

8. For You