Revlin Project - Beyond The Dreams (CD)

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Label: Lions Pride Music

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AOR from South America seems to be upand coming recently. Bands from Peru are a rare treat, though. REVLIN PROJECT around Nilver Pérez (keys) and frontman Renato Costa who are joined by numerous guests like Nick Hogg (b, NITRATE) or Ken Sandin (b, ex-ALIEN) deliver ten well-done tracks. Although the lead vocals are a bit unusual at times, the production and songwriting in general is pretty good. Just check out the rough "Fighters Dreamers!" or the highly melodic "The World Beyond Your Eyes". REVLIN PROJECT does offer a certain exotic touch for sure. (MS)


1. Harder Faster

2. Fighters Dreamers 0

3. The World Beyond Your Eyes 

4. Where Are You Now 

5. From This Moment On 

6. Led By Love [ft. Toni Amboaje] 

7. The Poor Of The Earth Unite [ft. Marc Quee] 

8. Doubts 

9. Beyond The Dreams 

10. This Love