Edge Of The Blade - Trick Of The Light (CD) digipak

Reference: 00724

new & sealed digi-pak CD
Label: self-released


EDGE OF THE BLADE, the British AOR formation around singer John Francis (AFTER HOURS), Alan Kelly (SHY, 7HY - guitars, drums, keys) and the Spanish lead guitarist Miguel Angel Lopez (WHITE BLAST), is back with a new, fourth released entitled "Trick Of The Light". The CD appears as a neat gatefold card case and picks up seamlessly where its predecessors left off. Very well produced melodic rock is offered in the wake of the musicians' former or other bands. Also a must for JOURNEY fans! Tips for playing are the songs “Ecstasy” and “Love Stands Tall”.


1. Some Kinda Way

2. Ecstasy

3. Still Want To Rock

4. Trick Of The Light

5. Don't Think That It's Over

6. Open Your Heart

7. Love Has Gone

8. Love Hate

9. Broken Heart

10. Love Standes Tall

11. Everybody

12. One Step From Heaven