Al Harlow - Now! (CD) Digisleeve

Reference: 00650

new & sealed digisleeve CD
Label: Kilmer Music Group Ltd.


AL HARLOW is mainly known as the frontman of the Canadian cult formation PRISM, but already in 2022 released the solo album "Now!" presented here, which so far ran in Europe under the radar. The album offers the finest, very variable, Canadian Classic Rock sound. The band includes Sean Kelly (Nelly Furtado), John Webster (Richie Sambora) and producer Mike Fraser (AC/DC and others). "Now!" impresses with great musicians, a perfect, crystal clear sound and solid songwriting. Highlight of this gem: "Way Of The World" - written by Harlow with Jim Valance and Bryan Adams! Great release! (BS)


Let It Go 

He Don’t Live Here No More 

Meet Me In The Sky 

I Believe 

Lonely Town

Rising Son 

My Mind Is Running Away With You 

If It Wasn’t For You 

Dance With The One You Came With 

Way Of The World