RYDHOLM SÄFSUND - Kaleidoscope (CD)

Reference: 00806

new & sealed jewel case CD
release date & first day of shipping: April 12th, 2024
Label: Pride & Joy Music


Former ART OF ILLUSION protagonists Anders Rydholm (g/keys/b, ex-GRAND ILLUSION) und Lars Säfsund (v, WORK OF ART) with a fantastic piece of work. Twelve tracks full of magic combining the best elements of the rich CHICAGO and TOTO universe. Numerous guests, real horns, amazing guitars, a stellar vocal performance and most of all, more melody and groove than legally allowed by the police. A pristine and powerful production highlighting each and every single detail in a lovely and perfect way. A beatifully-crafted artwork completes the picture in an impressive way. "Don't Make Me Do It", "The Bet" or "Bucket List" are only three examples of Westcoast heaven. (MS)


01. Now And Forever [04:10]
02. Hey You [05:09]
03. What’s Not To Love [03:24]
04. Seven Signs of Love [05:37]
05. Don’t Make Me Do It [05:36]
06. 4th of July [04:00]
07. The Bet [05:52]
08. Sara’s Dream [04:29]
09. Bucket List [05:41]
10. The Plains of Marathon [05:00]
11. Kaleidoscope [04:13]
12. Love Will Find A Way [05:38]

Anders Rydholm – bass, rhythm guitars, keyboards
Lars Säfsund – lead and background vocals, synth-solo on “Love Will Find A Way”, bass-synth on “Don’t Make Me Do It”
Frank Nilsson – drums
Joel Kibble – background vocals on “Seven Signs Of Love”
Kristian Larsen – guitar solos
Robert Säll – guitar solo on “The Plains Of Marathon”
Tim Pierce – guitar solo on “4th of July”
Stefan Olofsson - piano on “What’s Not To Love”
Wojtek Goral – sax solo on “What’s Not To Love”,  “Don’t Make Me Do It”, ”Bucket List”
Håkan Malmberg – sax solo on “Sara’s Dream”
Pelle Holmberg – rhythm guitar on: “Love Will Find A Way”, guitar solo on ”Bucket List”
Matt Bissonette – bass on “Now And Forever”
Ola af Trampe – rhythm guitar on “Now And Forever”
Larry Salzman – percussion
Nicolas Lazo Zubieta – congas on “Now And Forever”
Pablo Cepeda – congas and bongos on “Sara’s Dream”
Martin VerDonk – percussion: “Love Will Find A Way”, “What’s Not To Love”
Tom Walsh – lead trumpet, fluegelhorn
Mike Davies – trumpet
Nichol Thompson – trombone
Fredrik Wiklund – trombone on “4th of July”, “The Bet”, “Love Will Find A Way”
Horns on Now and Forever
Chuck Findley – lead trumpet
Charlie Davies – trumpet
Gary Herbig – saxofon
Nick Lane – trombone
Joackim Wickström – trumpet (verse 2)
Produced and arranged by Anders Rydholm and Lars Säfsund
Songs written by: Anders Rydholm and Lars Säfsund
“What’s Not To Love” written by Anders Rydholm, Lars Säfsund and Jay Graydon
Horn arrangements: Anders Rydholm and Tom Walsh
Horn arrangement on “Hey You”: Tom Walsh
Horn arrangement on “Now and Forever”: Anders Rydholm

All photos by: Daniel Rydholm
Recorded and mixed in GodisPaScen Studio, 2021 – 2024, by Anders Rydholm
Additional recording by Lars Säfsund, Frank Nilsson, Frank Rosato, Tom Walsh, Kristian Larsen, Wojtek Goral, Pelle Holmberg, Tim Pierce, Matt Bissonette, Larry Salzman, Martin Verdonk, Pablo Cepeda

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