Skagarack - Heart And Soul (CD)

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Label: Thunderstruck

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SKAGARACK from up North (Denmark) put out three really good and relevant melodic rock albums towards the end of the eighties and also "Big Time" (1993) had its strong moments. Right after that he band disbanded for a long time. The new album of the band around Torben Schmidt (v/g) contains not that much arena and mainstream rock like e.g. "Hungry For The Game" (1988) but rather bluesy stuff but definitely high quality songwriting and a dense atmosphere. The guitars foremost (Jan Petersen) and the charismatic voice of Schmidt are pretty remarkable, though. "Heart And Soul" is a mature record with a lot of depth and emotion. (MS)


01 Give It

02 Peace Of Mind (To Have A Good Time)

03 A Cool Damn Car

04 Heart And Soul

05 Talkin’ Bout Jesus

06 Changing

07 Cool To Be Old School

08 Be With You Forever

09 Where Have You Been

10 Ain’t Got Nothing To Lose

11 So Right

12 Anymore