Sons Of Angels - Sons Of Angels +1 (CD)

Reference: 00797

new & sealed jewel case CD
remastered; 1 bonustrack
Label: Bad Reputation


SONS OF ANGELS are a Norwegian-Swedish hard rock outfit which put out two albums. The self-titled debut from 1990 sees a re-release these days with the addition of a bonus cut by the name of "Black Desire". It's melodic and slightly sleazy sounds which mostly fully convince at the brink of grunge, which ended bands like these soon after. The single "Cowgirl" was able to arouse a bit of attention back in the day. Frontman Hans-Olav Solli offers a partly rough but pleasant voice and the combination of guitars and a fine dose of keyboards is another great argument for this record. Great! (MS)


1. Cowgirl
2. Spend The Night
3. Look Out For Love
4. Lonely Rose
5. Rock & Roll Star
6. Trance Dance
7. Would You Die For Mw?
8. Fight
9. Could It Be Love
10. Fly
11. Black Desire (Bonus)