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The Treatment - Wake Up The Neighborhood (CD)

Reference: 00875

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Frontiers Music


THE TREATMENT are a very reliable force when it comes to energy-driven  hard rock for sure. The English band fully delivers on their sixth efffort by now. Wonderful timeless, authentic and never boring hard rock with elements of AC/DC, AEROSMITH, THE ALMIGHTY or even DEF LEPPARD and THIN LIZZY. There's a lot of seventies vibe in their songs (e.g. "I Can't Wait No Longer") and many heavy riffs if needed (e.g. "Let's Wake Up This Town"). But when it comes to rock'n'roll, the boys from Cambridge are more or less unrivaled. An absolute live band. Massive!  (MS)


1. Let’s Wake Up This Town
2. Back To The 1970's
3. When Thunder And Lightning Strikes
4. This Fire Still Burns
5. Man On The Highwire
6. I Can't Wait No Longer
7. Don't Make No Difference
8. Fire Me Up
9. Free Yourself
10. Kick You Around
11. I've Got My Mind Made Up