Deserta - Don't Dare Stop (CD)

Reference: 00595

new & sealed jewel case CD

Label: Lion's Pride


DESERTA is a hard rock band from Brazil. Their debut "Don't Dare Stop" is overdue after fifteen years of band history. It's a celebration of the typical eighties sound in the vein of WINGER, MR.BIG, BON JOVI or TRIXTER and offers a good production as well as many cool hooklines (e.g. "Roses") plus a lot of fun. A band not to lose from the radar because they sound pleasantly different than most of the usual suspects from a certain label from Southern Europe, though. Check out the energetic title track and the ballad "Travel The World", too. Please don't wait that long next time, boys! (MS)


01. Don't Dare Stop

02. The Best Of Me

03. Rose

04. Travel The World

05. Poisonous 

06. Gigolo

07. I'm Going Crazy 

08. Lightning 

09. Reason To Live 

10. Bad Choices