Vern Daysel - Call Of The Wild (CD)

Reference: 00493

new & sealed jewel case CD
Label: Lions Pride


“Bone-rattling blues-inflected southern rock that’s insanely intense!..”

"Call of the Wild" is Vern Daysel’s third album and his first solo album since moving to the United States from South Africa.

An album four years in the making. Between immigrating to the US, a relentless gigging schedule and working with other bands, Daysel has finally finished what he considers his best piece of work to date.

The 11 track album includes the singles ‘Cougar’ and ‘Feed Me’ that have already received radio play all over the world as well as being featured on Planet Rock Radio - the UK’s biggest rock station. Not only is the album self produced by Daysel but he also wrote all the songs, played all the instruments and sang on the recordings.

At the core this is a rock n’ roll album but it definitely highlights Daysel’s soulful southern rock, blues and country influences.

Between the ‘Blood of a Wolf’ album and this; he has performed close to a thousand shows, released an Afrikaans album and a 6-song EP with the Florida band Switch N’ Whisky.


1. Feed Me
2. Wild Girl
3. Bandit’s Road
4. Call of the Wild
5. Gold Digger
6. Drift Away
7. Cougar
8. Chasing the Moon
9. Rain
10. Chasing Ghosts
11. Warrior